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Welcome to Jack's place! Glad you could drop by...
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Oh, and hands off the blonde! Yeah, I know, that baby's stacked, but she's also Jack's baby. So make yourself at home and click those links up there to find out more about Jack Valentine, Frank Sinatra impersonator, 'The Voice' of London lounge entertainment.

"an unforgettable experience with the great Sinatra
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So is this guy really London's number one Frank Sinatra tribute artist? Well, Sinatra's life spanned almost the entire twentieth century, and when he left, he left behind a legacy of a million billion fans, five generations of music lovers and more to come, who'll forever look to the stars and remember the greatest interpretative romantic, ring-a-dinging swinging jazz voice that ever lived. And some miss
him so much, they can't help but endeavour to recreate the magic
of Frank Sinatra in their own lifetimes, for new audiences.

One such proponent is Mr Jack Valentine, Sinatra impersonator, and one of the key figures and corporate catalysts behind the burgeoning new supper club lounge scene that's putting the swing back into London town in this 21st Century, and I mean swing baby. More than just a lookalike act, this guy's a singer - He can sing! He'll move your feet, your heart, and a few other body parts as well.

So pick up your drink, come along and click here as we wander deeper into Jack's den...

Jack Valentine is appearing regularly at
selected jazz venues in and around London

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To check availability or to hire Jack Valentine
(solo or with live backing band) for your
corporate entertainment event or private party
Email or
Telephone 07734•144•376 or 0208-466-5870 page


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